Fernando Coimbra majored in Cinema and Video at the School of Communication and Arts from the University of Sao Paulo (ECA-USP) in 1999. "A Wolf at the Door" is his first feature film. Previously, he had worked on a number of short films and special projects, including:

1995: Writer/director of the award winning "As Agruras de um Homem-Sandwich?" (The Bitterness of a Sandwich Man) in partnership with Murillo Mathias.

1996: Writer/directer of "O Retrato de Deus Quando Jovem?" (God's Portait when He was Young) in partnership with Joao Carlos Lemos.

2005: Writer/director of "Pobres-diabos no Paraiso? (Poor Devils in Paradise), 35mm, 23 minutes, which won the Tatu de Ouro Award for Best Fiction Film at the 32nd Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia (2005), among others.

2007: Director of "Tropico das Cabras", which won the Festival de Brasilia do Cinema Brasileiro, and won more than 21 awards worldwide.

2008: Directed "A Garrafa do Diabo" (The Devil's Bottle), which won Best Fiction Film on the 1st Popular Jury Festival in 2009.

2009: Coimbra participates in the Olympic Short Film Contest, promoted by the International Olympic Committee. He wins the Brazilian Phase with the short "O Rim de Napoleon: (Napoleon's Kidney). He goes to Switzerland where he shoots the short "Playing Tennis with Jean-Luc Godard", for the final of the Olympic contest. The film wins the international phase, being in first place in the jury's choice.

2010: "Magnifica Desolation" (Magnificent Desolation), produced by Gullane, won the Canal Brasil award at the 21st Sao Paulo Short-Length International Festival